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What PPC services does DemandMore offer

Written by Wes Parker

Posted on: September 26, 2023

DemandMore is proud to be your number-one London-based PPC agency. Among our full-suite digital marketing services, we offer a comprehensive range of PPC services that will help you optimise your PPC campaigns and drive the results you want. Curious to know more? Today we’re offering a review of our key PPC services, what they mean for your digital marketing goals, and how to leverage them to attain the campaign goals you’ve been dreaming of.

DemandMore’s PPC Services in Brief

PPC is a valuable online advertising tool, but not all ad campaigns are created equally. You need to carefully consider all aspects, from keyword selection and target audience research right through to ad and landing page creation, mobile optimisation, and more, to ensure you create compelling ads that drive conversions. And once your campaign is live, you need expertise in monitoring, testing, and adjusting campaigns to ensure they continue to drive your goals.

DemandMore is here to help you maximise your ad efficiency by refining targeting, reducing costs, and increasing the chances of reaching the right audience for the best campaign performance possible through our full-suite PPC services.

How PPC Works

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a form of paid digital marketing. Advertisers pay a fee only when their ad is clicked by a user. Behind the scenes, businesses ‘bid’ on keywords they specify. They tighten the net for more relevant results by setting targets like the demographics of the people they wish their ad to appear to, time of day, geographic location, and more. As many as 96% of businesses are now using some form of PPC advertising1 as part of their advertising efforts online.

PPC is a smart method to drive traffic to your chosen website or ‘landing pages’, and it’s commonly used on search engines like Google or Bing and on some social media and advertising platforms. To the end user, your ad appears above organic search results, helping you gain prominence in a crowded market and get eyes on your brand. It’s estimated about 45% of page clicks in search results are driven by ads2

PPC is a cost-effective digital marketing solution, as you only pay when someone interacts with your ad, making it a popular choice for businesses to increase their online visibility and drive potential customers to their websites. It’s especially great for time-sensitive campaigns but is also used for brand recognition as part of your wider online advertising efforts, and even to draw attention to new products and boost online sales. When over 75% of users don’t bother clicking past the first page in their search results3, the power of PPC advertising to put your brand in the number 1 spot for added visibility is indispensable.

Why Use a PPC Agency?

While the core concept of PPC is very simple, ensuring you have the data, optimisation, and insider knowledge needed to keep bid costs low, ensure you’re reaching your target audience seamlessly, and make the best use of your ad spending isn’t so easy. This is where a PPC agency like DemandMore can help you shine out among of your competition, running smart campaigns that convert instead of just wasting your ad budget. Just under half of small businesses are using PPC as part of their digital marketing campaigns4, so having an expert with the time, knowledge, and resources to ensure your campaigns perform seamlessly could be the step up your digital marketing has been looking for. And the results speak for themselves. 74% of those using the PPC space feel it’s a major driver for their improved advertising efforts5

However, it’s not just important to have a presence in the PPC space. Remember, your ad will be displayed based on the targeting and demographics you set. These should rely on solid data about your target audience, their pain points, and the unique selling propositions you offer to solve them. Around 33% of internet users will click through on an ad that is relevant to their needs6, so ensuring you meet that need most cost-effectively is key.

The process of determining what ads convert, how well, and how they can improve, relies on in-depth knowledge of the PPC space, how to optimise your campaigns to meet your goals, and how to keep costs low and click-through rates high. Something as simple as adding the price to your e-commerce items can reduce wasted ad spending by a quarter7 You need to constantly monitor and refine your campaigns to ensure they’re delivering on your goals. This can be a steep, and sometimes costly, process to work out from basic principles. Not to mention that you aren’t a digital marketing specialist – you have your core business to take care of, after all. Using a PPC agency, with PPC experts on hand to leverage their in-depth knowledge for your goals, will help make the process significantly smoother and more cost-effective, without the need to grow your own digital marketing knowledge on top of your existing business needs or employ new staff.

PPC Services You Should Know: A Comprehensive Guide

What goes into effective PPC advertising? Here are a few of the PPC services which DemandMore, as a premier PPC agency, offer to our clients. Each of these critical processes helps shape and refine your campaign, ensuring you hit the target every time – with juicy click-through rates and a great ROI on your advertising spending.

PPC Services That Get You Started On The Right Track

Before you even set up your campaign, there are some key PPC services you need to do the right way.

Keyword Research

A fantastic PPC campaign starts with the right keywords. In a nutshell, keywords are terms related to your advert or service which the end user might search for – the link that will unite your brand with their needs. However, there are a lot of bad keyword choices out there, and failing to capture the right ones for your business will greatly decrease your campaign results and reach.

It’s very common for PPC novices to choose keywords which are too broad, highly competitive (and thus crowded and costly), or which don’t convert well for them. Additionally, and more insidiously, it’s very easy to miss relevant search terms related to your niche. Did you know that half of searched keywords are actually keyword strings (‘long tail’ keywords) of 4 or more words8

DemandMore will ensure you don’t miss a single one. We will help you identify relevant keywords to effectively target your ads every time.

Negative Keyword Management

Additionally, smart PPC campaigns need negative keywords, too9 Think of these as anti-keywords, or a way to filter out irrelevant traffic that will waste your advertising budget on people who aren’t interested in your product at all. Search engines are not infallible, and may erroneously display your advert thinking it is relevant where it is not. Negative keywords help shape a bigger picture of what you do and ensure only the right people see your ad.

DemandMore will help you sensibly choose and use negative keywords to keep your budget on track and your ads converting.

Audience Targeting and Geo-Targeting

We all want our product or service to reach the widest audience possible – but chasing everyone is a sure way to tank your results. The net you cast is simply too broad to be meaningful. Every business has a target audience of people most likely to find their product/service of interest. Yet 42% of businesses don’t even know what that target audience is10!

Luckily, DemandMore is here to help you segment your audience by their demographics, behaviour, and interests, and precision-focus your campaigns to reach them. And ensure they are geo-targeted to your location.

Competitor Analysis

While you’re focused on your latest campaign, what are your competitors doing? Knowing what’s working (and even what isn’t) for businesses like yours helps you ensure you’re staying competitive, utilising all your options, and working smarter, not harder. DemandMore will help you monitor and analyse your competitor’s ad strategies, so you’re always performing at your best.

Strategic Planning

PPC is only one aspect of your online presence. You want to ensure it is not only performing well in itself but also boosting your wider advertising efforts synergistically. PPC and SEO, for example, go hand-in-hand11 to develop a powerful brand presence and saturation.

DemandMore will help you develop long-term PPC strategies that align with your overall business goals and support the entirety of your digital marketing efforts.

PPC Services That Create Dazzling Campaigns

With the background research done, here are some key PPC services that help shape great campaigns.

Ad Copywriting

It’s not enough just to get your ad displayed. It then needs to draw the lead deeper into your sales funnel. Great copy (the text of your ad) is what will help you push your ad from ‘seen’ to ‘clicked’. Did you know that text ads remain one of the most clicked ad types at 49%12

DemandMore is here to craft compelling ad copy to maximise your click-through rates (CTR).

Ad Design and Extensions.

Of course, it’s not all in the copy. You also need appealing and creative content to grab the eye and keep the user engaged. Remember that Google Ads, specifically, have one of the highest CTRs currently (3.75%)13, so investing in a compelling design that helps you stand out is key. Ad extensions help you do more with the real estate your advert has, like adding image carousels and other features.

DemandMore will help you create visually appealing ad creatives, including images and videos, to help boost your appeal. Additionally, we will implement ad extensions as needed, to enhance ad visibility and the information they provide.

Landing Page Optimisation

Once your ad is clicked, it will take the user to a page you set, called your landing page. Landing pages are make-or-break for conversions, and you want to minimise your ‘bounce rate’ (how many people click away) as much as possible. Landing pages can have anything from a 60%-90% bounce rate14, so this really does matter.

Luckily, DemandMore’s PPC services will ensure your landing page is optimised for conversion.

Mobile Optimisation

There’s a big, wide world of internet users who aren’t on PCs. In the US, 70% of search impressions (your ad being visible to a potential customer) happen on mobile devices15 If you’ve only built your ad for PC, you risk alienating this critical market segment through poor performance or pages that are difficult to view on small screens. DemandMore will ensure that doesn’t happen with ads optimised for mobile devices.

PPC Services Once You Go Live

Now it’s time to set up your ad campaign! DemandMore will ensure your PPC ad campaigns are perfectly created and configured for the platform you want to run them on, like Google Ads or Bing. Once your ad is live, we will continue to help you refine and monitor your campaign, ensuring it is working for you, through key PPC services like:

  • Bid Management: Ensuring your bids optimise your ad placement and the cost per click (CPC) for each engagement.
  • Ad Scheduling: Making certain you know what times of day to display your ad to ensure the best engagement possible from viewers.
  • Conversion Tracking: Through tracking codes, DemandMore helps measure and refine your conversions.
  • Remarketing: Remarketing involves ‘retargeting’ users who showed interest, but clicked away from your initial ads. It helps pull them back into your sales funnel by further pinpointing their interests. Remarketing click-through success is 10 times higher than other advertising types, resulting in up to 70% better conversions16
  • Budget Management: No one likes wasted advertising spending. DemandMore will ensure your ad spend maximises ROI at every turn.
  • A/B Testing: The process of experimenting with two ad variants, comparing their performance, and using that data to create even better future ads is critical to smart PPC advertising17 DemandMore is here to A/B test your ads and improve their performance.
  • Ad Compliance: Your campaigns have to adhere to platform guidelines and policies to be displayed, and mistakes are easily made. Luckily not with DemandMore on your side!
  • Performance Reporting: Last, but certainly not least, DemandMore will ensure you are always in the loop on what is happening with your campaigns, providing regular and easily-accessible, in-depth reports on campaign performance18 We will also make recommendations for future improvement.

FAQs About PPC Advertising Services From Agencies Like DemandMore

What is PPC advertising, and how does it work?

PPC is a form of digital marketing. Advertisers pay when users click on their ads. You need to use a variety of strategies like keyword targeting, smart copy, and continual optimisation to get the best possible placement and cost-effective campaign budgets.

How can PPC advertising benefit my business?

PPC allows you immediate visibility in search results, precise audience targeting, and measurable ROIs using data-driven parameters you set. You can easily control your budget while meeting your goals. In turn, PPC advertising helps you gather more data, refine, and improve your campaign results, and meet your online advertising goals.

What PPC services do agencies offer?

Great digital marketing agencies offer a wealth of focused PPC services, like those we outlined above, to help you refine your campaigns and boost your results. PPC services include campaign setup, keyword research, ad creation, ongoing optimization, and reporting.

DemandMore is waiting to provide you with the PPC services you need to make the most of your online advertising efforts. Get in touch today, and let our results speak for your business.