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The Top 10 Facebook Ad Experts to follow

Written by Wes Parker

Posted on: September 26, 2023

When it comes to social media marketing, few platforms have the reach and hold over the popular consciousness that Facebook does. With Instagram, Messenger, and Threads now all Meta companies, its reach and social ‘clout’ cannot be underestimated. If you’re looking to move into PPC advertising on social media platforms, there’s no better place to start, regardless of your business size or budget. Today your team of expert digital marketing gurus at DemandMore will take a brief look at what Facebook Ads has to offer the keen marketer, as well as some key Facebook Ad experts you can follow for some more cutting-edge insights and marketing know-how.

Facebook Ads in Brief

Advertising on Facebook offers a dynamic and multifaceted experience for businesses, powered by many of the same unique features social media brings to the table. With a vast user base now exceeding 2.9 billion monthly active users, it provides businesses a global platform for reaching audiences across the wider Meta network. 

The real power of Facebook Ads lies in precise audience targeting, allowing advertisers to pinpoint their ideal demographics, interests, and behaviours for ad displays. This ensures that ads are shown to those most likely to engage or convert, maximising the return on investment. Combined with a huge variety of ad formats, from eye-catching images and videos to interactive carousel ads, this allows advertisers to craft content specifically tailored to their goals, whether it’s brand awareness, website traffic, or conversions.

As with all forms of PPC advertising, budget control is another appealing aspect of Facebook Ads, with flexible options for setting daily or lifetime spending limits. This makes Facebook Ads accessible to businesses of all sizes, regardless of their market share. With robust analytics and reporting tools behind the scenes, you can measure campaign performance comprehensively – track metrics such as clicks, impressions, and conversions, and make the data-driven decisions and continuous optimisation you need for true digital marketing success more easily.

In a nutshell, Facebook Ads is a powerful advertising ecosystem that combines precise targeting, creative flexibility, budget control, and insightful analytics, making it an indispensable tool for businesses looking to expand their online presence and reach their marketing goals

Facebook Ads Explained In Depth

If you’re familiar with the wider PPC advertising space, you’ve likely encountered Google AdWords before. Facebook Ads work very similarly, allowing for paid advertising across Facebook’s platform and its associated apps 1

As with Google Ads, Facebook Ads have the benefit of a lot of data behind them, allowing you to precisely target your audience based on everything from their demographics to their behaviours, likes, and interests. When used well, in the hands of a skilled Facebook Ad expert, this ensures the bulk of your ad spending reaches only relevant users in your target audience2

A feature of particular note to advertisers is Facebook’s ‘lookalike’ audiences, which enable you to build campaigns to reach new users based on their shared characteristics with people who already follow your content or interact with your social media advertising 3 Of course, Facebook Ads provides detailed analytics and performance metrics, allowing brands like yours to track the success of their campaigns accurately. 

Advertisers can measure metrics like click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, reach, and more, to assess the effectiveness of their ads and make data-driven optimisations. It’s a powerful advertising platform that enables businesses to reach a vast, engaged audience on one of the world’s largest social media networks. While Facebook has some strong social competition these days, it remains the largest social platform around, with 71% of consumers and 65% of marketers planning on using the platform this year4

Some Key Benefits of Advertising through Facebook Ads

If you’re already on Google Ads (and you should be, with Google display ad campaigns reaching 80% of internet users 5, why opt for social media advertising at all?

Marketing on social media is typically seen as the best way to foster deeper connections with your audience than a search engine query can6 This is why you will see most social media advertising hinge on eye-catching creatives and consistent engagement with your audience to foster a sense of community as well as position yourself as an authoritative brand in your space. Here are some key reasons why integrating PPC into your social media marketing efforts can be powerful indeed:

  • Reach: Facebook currently reaches about 3 billion people monthly7, and the majority of your target audience is likely to be among them.
  • ROI: Coupled with that massive reach, Facebook Ads provides one of the highest ROAs (Return on Assets, the updated term for ROI) of all social media platforms, and 41% of marketers8 confirm it has provided the best ‘bang for their buck’.
  • Customer Choice: Additionally, the 2022 Sprout Social Index found that 60% of customers head to Facebook by default when looking to resolve customer service issues9, meaning an engaged and highly visible presence here pays off for brands.
  • Ad Diversity: In comparison to search engine PPC advertising, you have a veritable wealth of ways to attract the eye with Facebook Ads. From the ever-popular text format, right through to photos, videos, stories, carousels, slideshows, and even interactive demos {‘playables’), there are a lot of ways to stand out from the crowd with this form of PPC advertising. This likely contributes to the high conversion rate (9.21%) for Facebook Ads10
  • High Usage: Let’s face it- the world is just a little hooked on social media. Currently, it’s estimated Americans alone spend upward of 30 minutes on Facebook daily 11, with the average user clocking up almost 20 hours a month on the platform12 Where your audience spends a lot of time is most definitely a space where you want your brand presence to be felt.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to be present in the Facebook Ads marketing space- and plenty of clever ways to leverage its power and unique features to work for your business or brand.

10 Facebook Ad Experts to Follow For Marketing Tips and Tricks

Now you understand more about the immense potential of Facebook Ads to add depth and new reach to your PPC advertising campaigns, let’s look at a few of the trendsetters in this unique marketing space. While every brand and campaign is different and should be personalised to your unique goals and needs, give these Facebook Ad experts a follow – you’re sure to pick up some valuable tips, and may even find some new inspiration among their musings. 

  1. Alexander Ulreich (Strat3gic Marketing)

One of Alexander’s core focuses as a Facebook Ad expert is scaling smaller businesses without a big budget to throw around. He’s had considerable experience in both the startup field and as a C-level executive, working with names like Yelp and Groupon.

You’ll find him very active, with plenty of strategy and insight to offer on building online brand presence and lead generation for local businesses, so if you’re interested in the small and medium-sized business arena, especially the moves to online shopping opportunities through socials, this is one to watch.

  1. Alessandro Gargiulo (Gargiulo)

This Facebook Ad expert also focuses on SMEs and entrepreneurs in the social environment. That said, he’s certainly not small-scale himself, managing over €4 million in advertising budgets across the key social platforms. What might be particularly intriguing to you is his focus on personalised consulting services over a more staid agency model, and making the most of social e-commerce solutions no matter your budget.

  1. Amanda Bunting Comen (Social ABCs)

For those working in the non-profit space, Amanda Bunting Comen may be worth a follow. Her content addresses social media strategy and management for this arena as well as the wider business world and combines social strategies with the digital marketing space as a whole.

  1. Dani Heron (DemandMore)

Dani Heron moved to the DemandMore team from Honcho, and has the bulk of her Facebook ad expertise in the automotive and eCommerce spaces. So if you’re looking to leverage the power of Facebook to help you sell your products and services, this is someone to follow. When not helping you to make the most out of your PPC experience on socials, she also spends time with her horses, Travis and Remi.

  1. Artem Smirnov (AdQuantum)

This Facebook Ad expert focuses on the intersection between mobile apps and social media advertising. Working on a partnership-based approach, he aims to help mobile apps and developers leverage social media for new revenue streams and paid users alike. 

  1. Adam Wesolowski (Airalo)

Startups and scaleups are the name of the game for Adam Wesolowshi. With over 1000 successful experiments run across full funnel with social media, he has over a decade’s experience in the space to offer to you – so be sure to follow for some pro tips.

  1. Rich Burns (ROAS Media)

This Facebook Ads expert routinely works with ‘disruptor brands’, those trying to break into newer markets and improve their overall customer journey. While he has a primary focus on brands which are in the process of rapidly scaling up, you’ll find everything from Fortune 500 brands to fitness celebrities among his past clients, so there’s a diverse range of tips and tricks on offer from this guru.

  1. Alex van Doren (Agency onethree LLC)

Alex transitioned into the social space from a marketing background where expansion and market impact were the primary focuses. This is a great follow if you’re looking to boost brand awareness and lead generation through social media.

  1. Melina Moreno (Social Ads Made Simple)

The name has it all for this Facebook Ad expert. Having worked with names like Wells Fargo and Neiman Marcus, she focuses on using paid traffic as an advertising strategy overall. Businesses of all sizes are sure to find something interesting to help power their social expansion.

  1. Scott Cunningham (Social Lite)

Here we find a Facebook Ad expert with a focus on using the Shopify system for online sales and the art of getting your Shopify nook the attention you need through paid social advertising. To date, he’s helped 100s of merchants, so there’s some great advice to be had from his social feeds.

Has DemandMore inspired you with these top Facebook Ad experts? There are plenty more exciting innovators out there with great information to offer, so don’t be shy – it’s time to find your next social media marketing muse.

FAQs About Facebook Ads

Hopefully, you now feel a ton more confident about working in the Facebook advertising space, and even have a few great Facebook Ad experts to follow for extra pointers. To sum it all up, here are some of the most common questions DemandMore sees around advertising on this unique and popular social platform.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are a paid advertising platform hosted by Facebook. They allow businesses and individuals to promote their products, services, or content to a specific target audience, using the in-built Facebook demographics for added insights. Facebook Ads also run on its affiliated Meta apps like Instagram and Messenger as well as the new app, Threads.

How do I create a Facebook Ad? 

Facebook Ads are created through a Facebook Business Manager account. While logging into the backend of the account, you can create your ad, tailor it for target interests, demographics, or behaviours, set your budget and bidding strategy, and where you want the ads to appear.

How much do Facebook Ads cost? 

As with all bid-style advertising, the cost of Facebook Ads can vary widely. This mostly hinges on your target audience, industry, where you want the ads placed, and the ad quality Facebook assigns to your advertisement. You do have precise control over your budget, which you can use as a lifetime budget for the campaign or a daily limit, and Facebook attempts to optimise ad delivery from that point.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my Facebook Ads? 

The metrics used to measure the success of Facebook Ads will be familiar to anyone used to the wider PPC advertising space. Namely, your click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, return on ad spend (ROAS, or more commonly ROI), impressions your ad gains, and the reach over which it is seen. With those key metrics in place, you can use the data and analyse how ads are performing, making adjustments as needed.

How can I improve the performance of my Facebook Ads? 

No matter how good your Facebook Ad is, it can always be better, right? High-performing Facebook Ads should have a clear target audience, compelling ad content, and smart use made of the targeting options open to you. From there, you should A/B test formats, headlines, and content to see what performs best for you. Facebook offers a tool called the Facebook Pixel to help you track and retarget website visitors from Facebook Ad links. Remember, it’s a continual process of adjustment over time, never a ‘set it and forget it.’

Now you know considerably more about the unique Facebook Ad environment and have some fantastic Facebook Ad experts to follow for inspiration and new ideas. So there’s no excuse to skip this powerful platform for PPC advertising. Still not sure where to start? Luckily you have some of the best Facebook Ad experts at your disposal at DemandMore, just waiting to help you boost your brand and get the leads you’re craving. Reach out to us today, and let’s get started building your next Facebook Ad campaign.