The Pandemic Ecommerce Bubble Has Burst

According to the latest data from Shoptimised, retail CPCs have risen 30% year on year while online demand has fallen below pre-pandemic levels. Which is going to make 2022 a challenging year for brands selling online.

We’ve grouped together some of the best brains in the industry to join us as we look at how retailers need to adapt to the changing landscape and practical steps they can take to stay ahead.

Chairing the discussion is Andy Blewden, Our Co-Founder and Operations Director who will be joined by Wes Parker Co-Founder and Managing Director. Andy has over 8 years of experience helping some of the UK’s biggest retailers including the likes of JD Sports and Which? drive better performance from their paid media. John Cave who is the Managing Director of the leading shopping feed optimisation platform Shoptimised and Chloe Hall, who is the Marketing Director of product bundling platform Increasingly.

In this 45 minute session, we will be asking some thought-provoking questions to this expert panel along with an interactive Q&A session that will help you navigate through a challenging 2022.

Watch The Replay

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