Award-winning PPC Consultancy Supporting In-House Teams

We support in-house teams with a range of PPC consultancy services, whether you’re looking for short-term support with an audit, to more ongoing consultancy or interim management, we’re here to help.

Andy Blewden - Head of PPC Consultancy and Co-founder at DemandMore

Meet Andy, Our Head of Consultancy, Just A Slack Away

“I’ve spent nearly 10 years helping some of then UK’s biggest brands buy media more effectively. I enjoy helping in-house teams get the right blend of strategy, technology and people to deliver remarkable results.”

Andy’s Experience

Our PPC Consultancy Services

DemandMore offers a wide range of PPC management services across different search platforms and channels.

PPC Audit

We help you get the most out of your Google Ads account with our paid media audit service. Our comprehensive audits give you a fresh set of eyes on the account and surface areas for optimisation.

Ongoing Consultancy

We work with a number of larger advertisers on an ongoing consultancy basis. Providing weekly calls, detailed analysis, monthly auditing and road mapping to help them focus on the areas that matter most.

Interim Management

Need a stop-gap solution while you have somebody away or a gap in hiring? We provide short-term interim management of paid media campaigns across paid search and paid social.

Martech Consultancy

The paid media tech landscape is vast and can be confusing. We help you appraise and select the right technology partners to support your in-house team.

Media Mix Modelling

We’ve got a wealth of experience helping senior digital leaders plan media and ensure they have the right media mix, to blend performance marketing with brand to reach their objectives.

Custom Technology

In most cases, out-of-the-box bidding through Skai, Adobe Media Optimizer and Search Ads 360 works well. But when you have a custom requirement we can help you with a custom platform built on the Google Ads API.

What Our Clients Said

“DemandMore has improved lead flow by close to 30%, whilst reducing our CPL by 40%. Unlike other PPC agencies, the team are not smoke and mirrors. They work hard to ensure we understand what they are doing”

Shirley Whyte
Harvey Jones Kitchen

PPC Audits

The vast majority of our PPC consulting partnerships start with a paid media audit. It’s a great tool for reviewing what you’ve done so far with fresh eyes to surface areas for improvement. 

Our paid media auditing process is comprehensive, we will first consult with you to understand the objectives that you’re trying to achieve with your paid media activity. 

We will then extensively review your account as well as your wider setup:

Media mix review:

We will help you understand if you’re using the right media mix for your objectives and if it is finding the right balance between brand and performance,

Account review:

We will review your in-channel setup, looking at account structure, keyword selection, ad copy, audience bidding and more.

Measurement review:

We look at your customer journey and make sure that you have the right measurement framework in place so that Google can understand the impact of the channel, both online and offline.

Data review:

We analyse whether there are areas where you could be better optimising the data that is being put into the paid media channels. This would include product data feeds, how your first-party audience data is segmented and imported as well as bringing in other business data like profitability, and stock levels to allow for more complex bidding methodologies.

Creative review:

We review your creative across channels to ensure that it’s appropriate for the channel as well as the stage of the funnel in which it is being used. Providing suggestions on creative improvements.

Martech review:

Finally, we review your technology stack, ensuring that you’ve got the right technology in place to bid, test and manage your paid media accounts in the most effective way.


How do you charge for your PPC consultancy services?

We change all our consultancy services on a day rate, which will vary depending on the level of specialist that you need. The strategy will be delivered by a director-level team member and if you require execution help that will be delivered by a more junior team member to ensure good value for money.

Why should we choose DemandMore’s PPC consultancy services?

What sets DemandMore’s services apart is both our culture and depth of expertise. We’ve got a culture of learning and are industry-recognised thought leaders speaking at conferences like SMX advanced and contributing to the leading search publications including Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and Econsultancy. Our senior team have also got a depth of knowledge working with a number of the UK’s biggest advertisers, giving us the expertise we need to help you maximise performance.

Should I appoint a PPC consultancy or agency?

Generally speaking, if you manage paid media in-house then you will appoint a PPC consultancy to help your in-house team. If you want to outsource your paid media then you would work with a PPC agency. 

Is PPC consultancy worth it for small businesses?

If you’re a smaller advertiser then you should consider appointing an agency to manage their paid media advertising if they don’t have an in-house team that manages it. Generally speaking, a PPC consultancy will work with enterprise-level spenders who need specialist advice across strategy, technology or people. 

What does PPC Consultant do?

A PPC consultant will work with you to help understand your goals. They will then help you build a strategy that will help you reach them across different paid media channels and customer touchpoints. They will help you build the right team to help you deliver the strategy as well as get the right technology in place.