Bespoke Google Ads Scripts Service

An Intro To Google Ads Scripts

Google Ads scripts allow you to create innovative programs within Google Ads to automate tasks like reporting, bidding and alerting you to changes. Our developers have built a wide range of scripts that we use to maximise our clients’ paid media performance.

How You Can Use Google Ads Scripts


Google Ads scripts allow you to create custom reporting. We’ve used scripts to track Quality Score daily (not available in-platform!), to analysing match type performance, time of day performance and more.


Enhance your in-platform bidding by bringing in external data and bidding based on it. With Google Ads scripts we’ve changed bids hourly based on external data like foreign exchange rates, hotel occupancy and even train delays.


Create alerts that are emailed to you when certain things happen on the platform. Google Ads scripts are great at spotting anomalies and tracking spend to make sure you’re always on the pulse.


You can also automate some of the heavy lifting such as seeing if queries are matching into multiple campaigns, labelling ads based on certain criteria or setting a timer so your ads run when your TV campaigns are live.

Bespoke Google Ads Scripts service

Our team of developers can help you build bespoke Google Ads scripts to help you automate tasks when off-the-shelf ones are not available.

We’ve helped companies build bespoke Google Ads scripts to automate reporting, scheduling and even bidding based on external data sources such as hotel occupancy and foreign exchange rates. 

When Google Ads scripts won’t cut it we’ve also developed custom solutions on the Google Ads API allowing you to automate tasks on a much larger scale without the limitations you get with scripts.

Free Google Ads Scripts 

Our team of developers have created a number of free Google Ads scripts that we have open-sourced that you can access below. We also publish Google Ads Scripts on Search Engine Land. We have one of the world’s most detailed roundup posts of all of the available Google Ads Scripts below


What are Google Ads Scripts?

Google Ads scripts are short Javascript programs that can be run within the Google Ads interface to allow you to automate tasks. There are a number of off-the-shelf Google Ads scripts that you can use or if you need something custom you can speak with us and our developers can create it for you.

How do I get Google Ads scripts?

We have a wide range of Google Ads scripts here in our round-up post. Google also provides a wide range of frequently updated free scripts which you can use. 

What is the difference between rules and scripts in Google Ads?

The main difference in rules and scripts is the level of complexity that you can get into. Rules are quite basic, allowing you to do a certain function when the criteria are met, such as pausing ads when you’ve spent £100. Scripts allow you to do a lot more, creating custom reporting and bringing in external data on which you can bid.

What language are Google Ads scripts written in?

Google Ads scripts are written in Javascript.

Why use Google Ads scripts?

Google Ads scripts are really useful for automating mundane tasks, freeing you up to do more interesting strategic work. They also can run while you’re asleep, so even your circadian rhythm won’t get in the way of the optimisation of your Google Ads campaigns!