We’re A Demanding Bunch. An Award-winning Google Ads Agency Based In London

A Google Ads Agency With A Difference.

We’re a demanding bunch. It’s in the name, whether it’s better results for our clients, or more biscuits at meetings. Settling is boring, predictable and easy. That’s not us.

We’ve cut out the fluff, giving brands direct access to senior PPC strategists, without the baggage you get at a network agency.

Anna Bermel, Head of paid media at DemandMore

Meet Anna, Our Head of Paid Media, Just A Slack Away

“Having spent 10 years running the high-performance teams behind some of the world’s biggest advertisers, I’m putting that to use at DemandMore. Driving innovation from our team to get more out of the platforms, more out of the data and more for our clients.”

Anna’s Experience

Our Google Ads Services

DemandMore offers a wide range of Google Ads management services across different search platforms and channels

Shopping Ads

We help you drive performance across shopping, through in platform optimisation as well as optimising your data feed. We’ve partnered with Feedonomics and Shoptimised to bring your best in class Martech.


We help you reach the right customers at the right time with a blend of creative and audience data. Need access to inventory beyond the Google Ads platform? We can provide RTB programmatic buying across DV360.


On average 98% of users don’t convert on the first visit to your website. We help you build a strategy to reach these users as they browse online with remarketing ads.

PPC Audit

We help you identify areas within your Google Ads account that can be improved. Our audits are comprehensive and cover in-platform setup as well as auditing data coming into the platforms from your data feed and tracking. 

Google Ads Scripts

We always say if you do the same task in Google Ads three times then you should try to find a way to automate it. Our team of developers are experts at helping you do just that with Google Ads Scripts and the Google Ads API.

Feed Management

We help you optimise your product feed to give you a competitive advantage in Google Shopping. We’ve partnered with Shoptimised and Feednomics to give you access to best-in-class feed technology.

Our Google Ads Methodology

Our methodology is the sum of the experience of the senior team. It’s been honed over 10 years and has been tested by  spending several hundred millions on media spend for some of the world’s biggest brands.

We take a data driven approach to Google Ads management. We’ve come up with a simple acronym of “MADS” to help remember the key areas that influence performance in Google Ads. It stands for Measurement data, Audience Data, Data feed (product feed) data and Structural consolidation.

Measuring performance, and feeding that back to the platform, is crucial. And that’s not just for good reporting! Good measurement → good bidding decisions → good Google Ads results.

We work with you to track performance online through GTM as well as offline through integrating CRM and call tracking to give Google Ads a holistic view of your performance. 

Audience signals are also important for Google to optimise when to show your ads. We help you organise, segment and then import this data into Google Ads, in real time.

If you’re in the retail sector, we will help you bring in the right technology to manage your product feed and put in place a strategy to improve it.

Finally we will help you streamline your account structure, to drive volume through the AB tests that we conduct and give Google’s bid strategies the data they need to work effectively.

Google Partner Agency

Google has recognised DemandMore as a partner, giving their seal of approval for our Google Ads Management Services. We’ve earned this through providing a high level of service and managing a significant amount of media spend.

Here are some of the benefits you get as a client from our partnership with Google:

  • Early access to Google’s new features through its Alpha and Beta programs.
  • Analysis from Google that allows  you to benchmark performance and identify trends.
  • Direct access to Google if you’re having in-platform issues such as policy violations. 
  • A knowledgeable accounts team at DemandMore with the latest Google updates.

We review our certifications annually across the whole team. Team members are certified in a wide range of Google products beyond search, including shopping, display, mobile and video.


What Our Clients Said

“DemandMore is a great Google ads agency, consistently knowledgeable and quick to react to our changing requirements, both of which are valuable characteristics for a fast-paced business like Funding Options (now Tide). They’re affable and easy to work with whether it’s technical detail with marketers or bigger-picture concepts with C-level executives”

Will Pickering

Our Reporting

We pride ourselves on our reporting as a PPC agency. We’ve partnered with the eminent data connector Funnel to allow us to import data from Google Ads and Bing Ads, as well as relevant first-party data sources, such as your CRM, to build end-to-end reporting for clients.

This powerful tool allows us to consolidate and transform data from over 1000 connectors. This allows it to be exported into live dashboards (including Looker and Tableau), into your data warehouses (such as BigQuery or Snowflake), and into detailed monthly, weekly and quarterly business review reports.

Our Onboarding and Immersion

We’ve got a detailed onboarding process, to ensure that we understand your business well, and to set clear expectations for the working relationship. 

Here is an overview of our onboarding process.

The process starts with you completing our onboarding, this ensures that we have all of your key KPIs, competitors and requirements all down in one place.

Once you’ve completed this we will move onto the audit stage. This is usually completed as part of the proposal process, but in cases where we’ve not been able to access your account we will do this as part of the onboarding to create a roadmap for the changes we want to make.

Immersion session

The immersion sessions we run help us to understand your business in greater detail. We like to chat with the wider team outside of marketing to get different perspectives that help us form a holistic view of your business and needs.

Once this is completed we outline our roadmap in a Gantt chart that we then review together. Once we’ve happy with the changes we will then execute the roadmap changes before transitioning into BAU activity.

Our Commercial Models

We have clients on pretty much every commercial model. However the vast majority of our clients buy our Google Ads management services on a day-rate model.

Unless you’ve got an account where spend is very uneven throughout the year, or increasing spend will only occur as a result of expanding activity being run, we believe that the day rate model provides the best value for money for clients, as in many cases the amount of time spent does not increase in line with media spend increasing, making the percentage of media model unfavourable.

To ensure we’re providing the best value for money for our clients we align our pricing to the Agency Bench Press report. It’s an annual report run by an independent accounting firm looking at the average day rates of digital agencies.


How can a Google Ads agency optimize my ad spend?

Firstly when you work with a Google Ads agency you will agree on a set of KPIs that you want to work towards. The agency will then build a strategy to work towards them. It will include in-platform optimisations as well as optimisations outside of the platform such as improving your tracking and product feed.

What types of businesses benefit most from using a Google Ads agency?

Any business that is using Google Ads will likely see a benefit from working alongside a Google Ads agency. Advertisers in competitive markets may see more benefit as agencies will bring a wealth of experience.

How do Google Ads agencies track the return on investment (ROI) from campaigns?

A good Google Ads agency will work with you to measure the performance of your campaigns. This may involve setting up conversion tracking tags on your website, linking up your Google Analytics and CRM to bring the full picture into Google Ads so that they can see how much revenue is generated from the advertising spend.

What certifications should a good Google Ads agency should have?

You’d expect a good quality Google Ads agency to be a Google Partner. You may also expect them to have significant thought leadership and for their senior team to speak and industry events.

How often will a Google Ads agency update and optimize my campaigns?

This will depend on the size of the account and the amount of data running through it. You can expect your agency account manager to be looking at performance daily. In higher volume accounts they may have enough data to make data-driven tweaks daily. For smaller volume accounts this could be every few days.

Our Thought Leadership

We regularly contribute to several leading industry publications, including Econsultancy, Campaign magazine and Search Engine Land, sharing best practice tips on improving Google Ads performance.

Wes, our Managing Director, also recently spoke at SMX Advanced, (Search Engine Land’s conference) about how you can better manage local PPC campaigns.

We’ve written a number of guides to help you select the right Google Ads agency partner for you. Whether you’re appointing your first agency, or looking for tips to write a better RFP for a big brief, we’ve got you covered.