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We’re a demanding bunch. It’s in the name, whether it’s better results for our clients, or more biscuits at meetings. Settling is boring, predictable and easy. That’s not us.

We’ve cut out the fluff, giving brands direct access to senior paid social strategists, without the baggage you get at a network agency.

Anna Bermel, Head of paid social at DemandMore

Meet Anna, Our Head of Paid Media, Just A Slack Away

“We deliver full-funnel paid social strategies. By combining social-first creative and first-party data to target users, we’re driving remarkable results for our clients.”

Anna’s Experience

Our Paid Social Services

DemandMore offers a wide range of paid social services across different search platforms and channels

Facebook Ads

As a Meta partner we help you get the most out of your Facebook Ads spend. With a mix of Social First creative and advanced ad targeting using our client’s first-party data.

Instagram Ads

We help you get the most out of this highly visual platform, delivering stunning social first creative while benefiting from the advanced targeting and bidding you get as part of the Meta group of companies. 

Pinterest Ads

We can help you drive brand awareness as well as conversion through Pinterest as, although it acts as a social media network because users use it to search for ideas, it also acts as a higher intention search network.

Linkedin Ads

We help you connect with B2B buyers across linkedin. Using advanced targeting to deliver an account-based approach. driving downloads of your content assets and case studies as well as driving conversations.  

Twitter Ads

As one of the most visited websites in the world, we help you stand out in the fast paced world that is twitter. Driving both awareness and engagement for your brand.

Tiktok Ads

Following its exponential growth, Tiktok is a great place to advertise with CPMs still be low. Combined with strong UGC style creative it has the power to deliver great results. 

Social First creative

We help you transform your brand assets such as TV campaigns and clips into thumb-stopping social first creative. We can help you produce assets across static and video or work alongside your creative team to deliver this.


The social ads platforms bidding is only ad good at the data that you feed in, we help you make sure you’re feeding the platforms the best possible data with our measurement consultancy services.

Our Paid Social Methodology

Our paid social methodology goes to the heart of old-school advertising, putting a brilliant creative campaign in front of the right audience. It is as such in two parts.

The first is getting great creative. This should flow down from your wider brand campaigns, but you don’t want to be running TV ads on social channels. We help you adapt your wider marketing collateral to create social-first creative. 

We can also work with you to adapt either UGC (user-generated content) or better Influencer generated content for paid social ads. Allowing for integrated influencer and paid media campaigns, massively amplifying the results of both.

The second is finding the right audience. To do this well you need great first-party data. To build high value audiences you need to have your customer lists segmented so that they can be imported into platforms to allow them to find users who are most similar to your highest-value customers.

Once you’ve created these audiences, the platforms algorithm look to show your ads more to users who’re ready to buy at that time, using data conversions. So you also need to have a best-in-class measurement framework in place to feed the channels a clear picture of what impact it’s having on your business.

Paid Social Partnerships

At DemandMore we’re partnered with several social platforms including Meta and Pinterest to help support our client’s growth.

There are several key benefits to our clients from our platform partnerships:

  • Access to incentives such as matched spend when you run certain types of campaigns
  • Fast resolution of any issues that you’re facing in the platform such as ad approvals
  • An up to the minute account team who are being given the latest updates from our partner contacts at the platforms.

We also run certification schemes for the team allowing them to take Meta’s exams to become Facebook Blueprint certified media buyers. Ensuring that they’re up to date with Meta’s latest features and that they’re demonstrating a high level of competence.


What Our Clients Said

“Demandmore go above and beyond to ensure our campaigns are successful. They have improved lead flow by close to 30%, whilst reducing our CPL by 40%. They have introduced new smarter and more creative campaigns which are performing well. ”

Shirley Whyte
Harvey Jones Kitchen

Our Reporting

We’re super proud of our paid social reporting stack here at DemandMore. We work with a leading platform called Funnel. It allows us to collate data from all of the different social platforms like Meta, Tiktok, Snap, Pinterest etc as well as your business data from your CRM or back-end systems and build beautiful end to end reports.

As it allows us to transform the raw data so we can create completely custom weekly, monthly and quarterly reports, outputted to a presentation, live dashboards as well as your data warehouse.

Our Onboarding and Immersion

We know understanding your business and setting clear expectations of how we work is key to a great agency-client partnership. That’s why we take onboarding very seriously.

Here is how our onboarding process typically works:

We start with detailed onboarding documentation, to make sure that we catch all of the key KPIs, competitors and requirements all in one place for the team to reference.

If we’ve not done an audit as part of the pitch process, or there has been some time between our audit and getting started, then we will do one as part of the onboarding to create our roadmap of changes to be implemented.

Immersion session

As part of the onboarding process we like to do an immersion session in person. This is where we get together and speak to people both in the marketing team as well as the wider company to ensure that we have a holistic understanding of your business.

Once we’re happy we have a clear understanding of the business and what needs to be done we will create a detailed Gantt chart that we will review together, before getting sign-off. After executing the roadmap of the changes we will then smoothly transition into BAU activity.

Our Commercial Models

When it comes to Paid social services, Paid social agencies tend to price on either a day rate or a percentage of spend model. Although we have clients on almost every commercial model, the vast majority of our clients work on a day rate.

We think the model is fair for clients, because in most cases an increase in spend doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in management time. In general, the only exception is when seasonal spend jumps are significant or a lot of new activity is commenced.

It’s also very transparent. We benchmark our rates annually a benchmarking report that an independent accountant firm put together each year, looking at agency day rates for digital and creative businesses.


What platforms do paid social agencies typically manage?

Paid social agencies will manage ads across a wide range of platforms including Meta (Facebook and Instagram), X (formerly Twitter), Linkedin, Snap and Tiktok.

How do paid social agencies determine target audiences for campaigns?

There are a number of ways that your paid social agency can target your ads. They include lookalike audiences who are audiences of people who are most similar to your current customers or website visitors. Interest targeting allows you to segment users by what pages they’ve liked and how they have interacted with content. As well as broad audiences which allow you to target very wide audiences on the platforms.

What’s the average cost to hire a paid social agency?

The Wow Company are an independent accountancy firm that publishes a benchmark report each year looking at the price of digital agency services. They publish the average hourly rates and day rates of paid social agencies which we benchmark our pricing to to ensure that our clients get value for money.

If you’d like to get a pricing quote please contact us for more information.

How do paid social agencies measure campaign success?

At the beginning of any relationship with a paid social agency, it’s key as part of the onboarding process that you agree on the KPIs that you are going to measure the success of the campaign by. This will vary depending on your objectives and the type of activity being run. Examples could be ROAS or CPA for conversion-focused campaigns or Impressions and reach for campaigns targeting brand recall and awareness.

Can a paid social agency also offer organic social media management?

Yes, most paid social agencies will also offer organic social media management, to help improve engagement on your pages.

Our Thought Leadership

We’ve put together some content to help you in your journey to choose the right paid social agency partner for you. Wether you’re putting together your first agency shortlist or creating an RFP for a multi-million paid social account, we’ve created a guide to help you.