We’re A Demanding Bunch. An Award-Winning Paid Media Agency Based In London

A Paid Media Agency With A Difference.

We’re a demanding bunch. It’s in the name, whether it’s better results for our clients, or more biscuits at meetings. Settling is boring, predictable and easy. That’s not us.

We’ve cut out the fluff, giving brands direct access to senior PPC strategists, without the baggage you get at a network agency.

Anna Bermel, Head of paid media at DemandMore

Meet Anna, Our Head of Paid Media, Just A Slack Away

“Having spent 10 years at some of the biggest paid media agencies, I’ve joined DemandMore to help challenger brands get more out of the platforms, more from their data and more from the creative.”

Anna’s Experience

Our Paid Media Services

DemandMore offers a wide range of paid media services spanning search, social, display and video.

Our Paid Media Methodology

How we buy paid media has fundamentally changed over the last few years. Beforehand, it was about making manual bid changes and tweaking keywords in the platform. Now it’s all about driving performance by feeding the platforms the best possible data. 

This means our methodology focuses as much on what we do outside the platforms as much as we do on it.

We focus on setting up best-in-class measurement, feeding in data from online sources as well as offline data from your CRM to give Google’s machine learning a full understanding of the impact that Google Ads is having.

Once we have a clear picture of performance, we focus on organising your account to deliver two things.

Firstly we set it up to deliver around business objectives such as profitability or moving certain stock, as opposed to marketing for certain product lines or services.

As part of this, we ensure that accounts are as consolidated as possible to drive enough data through the bid strategies and data-driven campaign elements.

Secondly, we extensively test everything. This goes beyond testing ad copy, landing pages and bid strategies. We test campaign setups, new product releases, new scripts and more to ensure we have the most optimised setup.

Google & Microsoft Partners

DemandMore is a certified Google and Microsoft partner. Showing the platform’s trust in our PPC services. Which have been earned by delivering exceptional results for our clients.

The partner programs offer a lot of value for our clients and give us access to the tools we need to provide better PPC Management.

The partner program provides the following benefits to our clients:

  • Access to Alpha- and Beta-version products, allowing them to get access to Google’s latest features.
  • Industry insights, benchmarks and competitors analysis reporting from Google.
  • Fast resolutions to in-platform issues, such as getting ads approved.
  • Our team have the most up to date knowledge on the platforms.

All of our team members regularly review their certifications with Google and Microsoft. Our team has earned the full range of certifications across Search, Shopping, Display, Mobile and Video.


google partner badge
Microsoft partner badge

What Our Clients Said

The numbers speak for themselves in showing the uplift we have experienced since working with DemandMore. We needed a partner to help us perform and grow as a brand, whilst navigating the increasing complexities of the paid search channel.

Lisa Small


How do media agencies charge for their services?

Paid media agencies usually charge on either a day rate or a percentage of media model for their services. Over 90% of our clients work with us on a day rate. We benchmark this against the Agency Benchpress report to ensure we’re providing great value for our clients.

What services do paid media agencies offer?

Paid media agencies will usually offer a range of services across platforms such as Google and Bing as well as social platforms like Meta, Tikok and Pinterest. You can learn more about our paid media services above.

How should I choose a paid media agency to work with?

There are a number of considerations when choosing a new paid media agency. You will want to understand if they have relevant industry experience in your sector. Find out how big they are to ensure that you will be an important client to them. You’ll also want to look at their industry thought leadership and awards which will demonstrate expertise.

What accreditations should I look for in a paid media agency?

Most platforms provide some form of certification scheme that agencies can sign up for to demonstrate their expertise. Google, Microsoft, Meta, Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn have their own partnership schemes. We’re a part of them!

What does the typical pitch process look like with a paid media agency?

When you’re looking to appoint a new agency, they will typically provide an audit of your paid media accounts highlighting areas for improvement and a roadmap to fix these issues.

Our Thought Leadership

When the senior team started out in paid media over 10 years ago, they were reading industry magazines like Econsultancy, Campaign and Search Engine Land to learn their craft. 

The agency has given them a platform to pay it forward and we’ve been lucky enough to share what we’ve learnt with the next generation of paid media experts through these same publications.

Learning and teaching are very much embedded in our culture here, and we’ve published a number of posts to help you navigate the paid media space on our own blog. Whether you’re putting together your first ever agency shortlist or publishing a RFP for a large account, we’ve got a guide for you!