Award-winning feed management services

An Intro To Feed Management

With shopping not using keywords, having a well-optimised feed so that Google knows when to show your Shopping Ads is vitally important. We help you build the right strategy and get the right technology in place to get the most out of your feed.

Our Google Ads Services

DemandMore offers a wide range of Google Ads management services across different search platforms and channels

Feed Management Strategy

Once we understand your goals we devise a feed management strategy which will drive the tactics we use. For example, if we want to focus on brand protection we will move your brand to the front of the title so Google prioritises showing you shopping ads for brand-related terms.

Feed management software consultancy

As part of your feed management strategy, you need the right software partners to deliver the changes that you want to make. We’ve partnered with Feedonomics and Shoptimised to give you access to two leading platforms. 

Title optimisations

The product title is arguably the most important area to optimise. Studies have shown that by adding keywords to the title you’re more likely to be shown for them so we put a lot of effort into getting this right.  

Product and attribute optimisation

After the title making sure your product has the right GTINs and MPNs is important along with ensuring it’s in the right Google Product Category. We also use rules to ensure we fill our missing attributes like colours, size, material and more. 

Business data Implementation

To run advanced shopping strategies like stock level and price competitiveness based bidding, we work with your development team and external data partners to input this information into the feed allowing you to segment by these in Google Ads.

Feed Audits 

Most of our feed management engagements start with a feed audit. We run a report looking at areas for improvement across titles, attributes and more to build a roadmap for areas to improve. 

Our Google Shopping Methodology

We use a very detailed yet measured approach to feed optimisation. Firstly we segment your product feed into two buckets. One will contain the top performers – those products which have generated 90% of the sales – the other containing the rest which account for the remaining 10%.

We then manually optimise your top-performing products. As far as we’re aware, we’re one of the only agencies to do this. This allows us to ensure that every relevant attribute is filled out, titles are immaculate and that products have the right GTINs and GPCs with complete accuracy. 

For comparison, most agencies do this using rules which can lead to inaccuracy and won’t fill in missing information. By prioritising the top products that generate the most sales this ensures that you get good value for money from our services.

When it comes to our tactical optimisation we focus on product titles first, ensuring they have all the relevant attributes and relevant keywords. Before working on the key identifiers such as GTINs, CPCs and MPNs that Google uses to determine what your product is. Before moving on to wider attributes like size, colour material and more.

To allow for advanced bidding methodologies within Google Ads we bring in stock data and price competitiveness data into your product feed custom labels so you can segment based on these in Google Shopping. 

Feed Management Partners

Once we’ve devised a best-in-class strategy to improve your shopping feed, we need to make sure that we have the right technology partner in place to allow us to implement these changes. 

We work with two different feed management software partners Shoptimised and Feedonomics and guide our clients through the process of choosing the right one for them.

We’ve chosen these two platforms because of their extensive features including the ability to bring in business data like how price competitive you are, a built-in CSS as well as the good value for money they provide for our clients.

For full data transparency we ensure each client has their own instance that can be detached should you decide to in-house your Google shopping in the future.



What is feed management?

Feed management is the process of enhancing and improving your product feed so that it appears in more relevant searchers when it is being using in Google Ads or Microsoft ads for example. 

How do you manage a product feed?

There are two main components when it comes to managing a feed, firstly you need to have a strong strategy that will guide your tactics. Secondly you need a feed management platform / software that will allow you to make the changes and then output the feed into different platforms like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads or Amazon for example. 

What is the importance of having a feed management program?

It’s really important to have a feed management program in place if you’re running Google Shopping Ads because there are no keywords. Instead Google runs your product feed through it’s machine learning algorithm and decides when to show your ads. Optimising your feed is important as it allows you to direct Google to show the products that you want for the right terms. 

What is a feed management system?

A feed management system will usually refer to a feed management platform or software. This allows you to input your feed from your website. Make changes to the feed in the software and then import it into Google or Microsoft Ads. It will allow you to change any attribute in your feed, either manually or by using rules inside the platforms.

What goes into a product feed?

You can see an example of what goes into a product feed here. The feed will contain all of your product information including the title, identifiers like GTNs, MPNs and GCPs as well as attributes like colour, material and more.