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A Google Shopping Agency With A Difference.

We’re a demanding bunch. It’s in the name, whether it’s better results for our clients, or more biscuits at meetings. Settling is boring, predictable and easy. That’s not us.

We’ve cut out the fluff, giving brands direct access to senior PPC strategists, without the baggage you get at a network agency.

Anna Bermel, Head of paid media at DemandMore

Meet Anna, Our Head of Paid Media, Just A Slack Away

“Having spent 10 years running the high-performance teams behind some of the world’s biggest advertisers, I’m putting that to use at DemandMore. Driving innovation from our team to get more out of the platforms, more out of the data and more for our clients.”

Anna’s Experience

Our Google Shopping Services

DemandMore offers a number of Google Shopping services to help you optimise your feed and get the most out fo your campaigns.

Our Google Shopping Methodology

We take a three-pronged approach to improving your Google Shopping campaigns.

Business objective-focused campaigns 

Firstly we structure your campaigns around business objectives as opposed to brand or product line. What do we mean by this? Traditionally Google Shopping agencies would segment products by type for example, but this granular structure doesn’t work well when using automated bidding strategies that drive the best results.

Instead, we segment campaigns by business objectives. Allowing us to focus on either profitability, stock level or price competitiveness compared to your competitors. By doing this we can consolidate account structures, driving volume through bid strategies and deliver remarkable results for our clients.

Drive performance with data

The second element is getting the best possible data into the platform. To run sophisticated campaigns like the ones above that we’ve learnt from running shopping for enterprise brands you need great data. 

To deliver this we work with your development team to import stock-level data into your feed. We’ve partnered with a platform called ProfitMetrics where we can import product level margin, VAT, shipping and other costs and send back profit to Google as opposed to revenue. Allowing us to bid towards profitability. 

We also work with shoptimized to bring in price competitiveness data in which dynamically labels products by how they rank in terms of price competitiveness compared to competitors. 1 would be you’re the cheapest and 10 you’d be the most expensive. This allows us t run campaigns where we focus budget on your most competitively priced products.

Optimise your feed

Most Google Shopping Ads agencies just focus on shopping feed tactics but we also focus on strategy. What do we mean by this?

The order in which your product title appears really matters. If you want to optimise your ads for brand protection, then you need to move your brand terms to the front of the title, if you want to appear less for them move it to the end. So how you implement tactics should fall into a wider strategy.

As well as being strategic we help you drill down into the tactics, optimising titles, GPCs, GTINs and more to ensure your shopping ads appear in the most relevant results

Google Shopping Feed Management 

To deliver best-in-class shopping performance you need a well-optimised product feed. As part of or Google Shopping management services, we’ve partnered with two technology partners to deliver this.

We work with both Shoptimised and Feedonomics and will guide our clients to the one that is most relevant to their needs.

As part of our service, we extensively optimise your feed as it has a significant impact on when your products will be shown in Google’s results.

This covers areas including the product titles, ensuring each product is in the most relevant Google Product Category. Each product has a GTIN or MPN as well as filling in missing attributes such as colour and material that Google uses to determine when your ads will be shown.


What Our Clients Said

“in that relatively short period of time, we have seen positive year on year growth, as well as a significant improvement in ROAS. Not only are the team at DemandMore easy to communicate with, but their proactive response to account and website changes has been reassuring”

Roan Bentley

Our Reporting

We pride ourselves on our reporting as a PPC agency. We’ve partnered with the eminent data connector Funnel to allow us to import data from Google Ads and Bing Ads, as well as relevant first-party data sources, such as your CRM, to build end-to-end reporting for clients.

This powerful tool allows us to consolidate and transform data from over 1000 connectors. This allows it to be exported into live dashboards (including Looker and Tableau), into your data warehouses (such as BigQuery or Snowflake), and into detailed monthly, weekly and quarterly business review reports.


Funnel PPC Agency data connector
Google BigQuery

Google & Microsoft Partners

DemandMore is a certified Google and Microsoft partner. Showing the platform’s trust in our PPC services. Which have been earned by delivering exceptional results for our clients.

The partnership gives our Google Shopping clients a number of benefits:

  • Direct access to Google Shopping Alpha’s and Beta’s features
  • Priority access to Google Support through our agency contacts 
  • Fast resolution of issues in Google Shopping and the Merchant Center
  • Industry insights and reports that are available through our agency reps

Our team take Google’s exams yearly to keep their certifications current and their knowledge up to date. We’re certified in Google Shopping as well as a range of other disciplines such as search, display and video.


CSS (Comparison Shopping Services)

The introduction of CSS partners allow you to save up to 20% on the CPC prices that you pay in Google Ads. 

Following the 2018 ruling against Google by the European Union, Google introduced CSS partners. You will most likely have already seen advertisers using these partners. When you see Google Shopping results it will instead of saying by Google, say the partners name such as Klara, ProductHero etc.

The 20% savings is as a result of when you bud £1 in Google Shopping you pay 20p to Google to use the Google Merchant Center. If you however switch to a CSS you just pay a flat fee (or in our case it’s free) for the service. You can read more about that here.


How much do Google Shopping Agencies Charge?

Google Shopping agencies tend to charge on a percentage of media model. We’re different in the way that we charge on a day rate. This gives our clients great value for money as usually the amount of work doesn’t increase at the same rate as media spend. To keep our pricing fair we benchmark it to the Agency Benchpress report each year which is a report that is put together by an independent accounting firm that looks at the prices of agency services.

Does a Google Shopping agency manage Performance Max campaigns?

Yes, most Google shopping agencies will use Performace Max alongside standard shopping campaigns to show your ads in the Google Shopping results. 

Can my Google Shopping Agency add reviews to my product ads?

Yes, your agency will be able to show seller rating extensions alongside your Google Shopping ads to build trust with users as they browse shopping ads. 

Will a Google Shopping Agency manage my feed too?

It is quite common to use a separate feed management agency or platform. However, we strongly advise that you keep it all under on roof as the feed has a large impact on where your ads are shown. If you have one agency buying the shopping ads and another agency that chooses where they show, you probably won’t get the best results. 

How will a Google Shopping agency optimise my ads?

Your agency should work with you to agree on a set of KPIs that might be revenue, profitability or ROAS for example. Once this has been agreed they will create a strategy focusing on in-platform optimisation as well as off-platform optimisation (feed management and data management) to deliver an improvement in these KPIs.