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We’re a demanding bunch. It’s in the name, whether it’s better results for our clients, or more biscuits at meetings. Settling is boring, predictable and easy. That’s not us.

We’ve cut out the fluff, giving brands direct access to senior analytics experts, without the baggage you get at a network agency.

Anna Bermel, Head of paid media at DemandMore

Meet Anna, Our Head of Paid Media, Just A Slack Away

“Having spent 10 years running the high-performance teams behind some of the world’s biggest advertisers, I’m putting that to use at DemandMore. Driving innovation from our team to get more out of the platforms, more out of the data and more for our clients.”

Anna’s Experience

Our Digital Analytics Services

DemandMore offers a wide range of digital analytics services.

Data Collection

We offer various Data Collection services. We can help set up and run your web analytics and dataLayers to ensure you are collecting vital data from each of your marketing channels.

Media Mix Modelling

We offer bespoke Media Mix Models tailored specifically for your business using your first-party data. Our services range from Forecasting to Budget allocations to your top channels and more.

Data Management

Our specialists can help with your Data Storage and Management. We can help you organise your data sets into manageable sizes allowing you to gain data-driven insights to inform your business decisions.

Data Science

Our Data Science team is able to build advanced models such as Customer Life Time Value or predictive modelling using BigQuery and other SQL platforms.

Data Visualisation

We take your first-party data and create compelling reports with visual stories to inform your business decisions.

Tag Management

Our specialists can help you set up your tracking tags using Google Tag Manager to ensure that your data collection processes are working.

The DemandMore Analytics Approach

Our approach to Analytics is in our name, we demand more from the data.

What does this mean?

To get the most out of your data, we have developed a framework that allows us to tailor our approach to your business.

  1. Immersion Session – Through a series of questionnaires and interviews with your team, we are able to tailor our approach based on the business needs. The interviews and questionnaires detail the KPIs of your business, areas of strength within your business and areas for improvement, all according to the people who know your business the best – you.
  2. Full Audit – After we have gathered the qualitative data from you and your employees, we will then take a look at your current Analytics setup in your platform of choice. During this process, we ensure that your data collection and storage are accurate and that any integrations you may use are connected.
  3. Data Maturity Benchmark- After conducting our full audit, we will share our findings with you and your team. Within this report, we will compare our findings from the qualitative research conducted in our Immersion sessions and the quantitative data found from the Audit. This helps establish areas for improvement and identify new specific reports that will need to be built.
  4. Data Maturity Roadmap – After completing steps 1 through 3 we will build out a detailed Gantt Chart. We believe in full transparency at DemandMore and our Gantt Chart allows you to track progress and keep us and your team accountable towards progress.
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What is a Digital Analytics agency?

A digital analytics agency provides the service of analysing digital data from various sources, such as websites and mobile apps, amongst others, to give clear insights into customer behaviour and measure performance against your business’s KPIs.

How does an Analytics agency charge for its services?

Analytics agencies each charge differently for their services. Typically, the most common methods of charge at an hourly rate, project-based or on a monthly retainer.
At DemadMore, we charge based on a standardised Day Rate.

How do I choose the right Analytics agency for my business?

Before you settle on a Digital Analytics Agency, there are a few factors to consider. Our top factor is customisability and transparency. No two businesses have identical analytics needs, so an Agency should be able to tailor bespoke solutions for your business. Next is transparency, both in terms of what to expect in a working relationship, the reporting and the pricing.

What benefits can a Digital Analytics agency offer over in-house management?

Picking a specialist Digital Analytics agency offers you adaptable and agile expertise as our specialists can take learnings from various businesses and apply them to your own in a tailored manner.

Who is the best Digital Analytics Agency in London?

We’d certainly like to think it’s us. DemandMore is one of the top Digital Analytics agencies in London for the financial services and retail space due to our strong case studies and experience in these sectors.

Our Thought Leadership

We write for a number of industry journals including Econsultancy, Campaign and Search Engine Land. You might also find the team on the speaking circuit; Wes, our co-founder, recently spoke at SMX Advanced (Search Engine Lands conference).

Here are a number of articles that we’ve put together to help you in your agency search. Whether or not you’re creating your first agency shortlist, or you’re putting together an RFP for a massive brief, there is a guide for you.