Paid vs SEO: Tackling Rising Acquisition Costs In Financial Services

About The Webinar

Increased levels of PPC competition and a shift towards automated bidding are having a dramatic impact on customer acquisition costs.

We’ve partnered up with the experts over at Builtisible to discuss how brands should react. We cover strategies brands can employ to make the most of their paid spend, and how to determine whether investing in SEO is worthwhile for reducing overall CACs.

Presenting on the webinar will be Wes Parker Co-Founder and Managing Director of DemandMore. He is a columnist for Econsultancy and recently spoke at SMX Advanced. Joining us from Builtvisble is Will Nye Technical SEO Director. Will has been helping some of the UK’s biggest financial services brands for over a decade.

In this hour-long session, we will be providing practical steps to help you navigate through a challenging 2022 and will conclude with an interactive Q&A where you can put your questions to our experts.