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How do I choose the right PPC Company

Written by Wes Parker

Posted on: September 26, 2023

Global ad spend on PPC-style digital marketing is growing every year. If you’re looking to get started with your first PPC campaigns, or have been receiving lacklustre results from your existing campaigns, partnering with a PPC agency could be the boost you need to get the results you crave. After all, having dedicated PPC experts with experience, insider knowledge, and know-how on your team is a great idea, right? Of course – but only if the agency can showcase their ability to get real results for your campaigns. Not sure how to choose the right PPC company? Don’t worry! The gurus from the DemandMore team are here to help. 

The Quick Facts on Finding the Right PPC Company

There are hundreds, possibly even thousands, of agencies operating in the digital marketing space. How do you know you’re making the right match with a PPC company? You need a partner who can bring these factors to the table:

  • In-depth knowledge of your industry and business size as well as the platforms you want to use
  • Specialisation in the types of campaigns that interest you
  • Friendly, communicative staff
  • Pricing models in line with your budget
  • A proven track record of success with companies like yours
  • Transparency and clear reporting

Provided your potential PPC company meets these benchmarks, you should have a good match on your hands.

Before You Start: Know Yourself

PPC is a versatile digital marketing tool that can be used for many goals. Before you even fire up Google and start looking for a PPC company, make sure you have a clear idea of what you need. Otherwise, it will be tough to evaluate who best meets those needs. Are you looking to:

  • Sell more online products?
  • Build brand awareness?
  • Drive traffic to a specific landing page?
  • Boost time-sensitive and seasonal campaigns as they run?
  • Push leads into your sales funnel?
  • Improve existing campaigns?

It also helps to have a clear picture of who you are marketing to (target audience) and how much participation you want in the decision-making process. Do you want someone to take everything off of your hands, or do you want an active role in creating your campaigns?

When you have a clear picture of your goals and intent from this aspect of digital marketing, it will be much easier to find a PPC company to partner with.

Key Characteristics of a Great PPC Company

While it is common for a PPC company to specialise in specific industries, or work with specific business sizes, all good PPC agencies have some common characteristics:

Big Data, Big Results

One of PPC’s best characteristics is that you can directly track revenue generated with ad costs. Data, and its analysis, are the cornerstone of great PPC1 A good PPC company knows how to collect, use, and interpret this data to improve campaigns, refine your target market, and boost performance.

Local Knowledge

It’s a global market, but you likely aren’t selling your product or service in high volumes to the whole world. Did you know that a whopping 82% of mobile users use their searches to find local businesses2

Additionally, about 76% of these people actually visit a local business within a day of that search3 When you work with a PPC company who understands your local market, you gain an edge on your competition that will pay out in your ROI.

Key Partnerships

A PPC company that is a Bing or Amazon specialist may be fantastic in their industry, but they’re not going to be the best to help you to prominence on Google Ads. While Google is currently the market-leading PPC platform4, you may be looking at another platform.

When you work with a PPC company partnered with your primary ad platform (for example, a Google Partner Agency5, you not only know that they have up-to-date specialist knowledge, but they often have fast-track customer service options for the platform and access to insider knowledge about it. 

Transparency and Communication

It’s not enough for a PPC company to make great campaigns. They also need to communicate clearly with you, keep you updated with reports, be upfront about pricing models, and generally provide great customer service in a way that speaks to you.

Track Record

Anyone can claim they get results. A great PPC company can prove it. While PPC is a very fast digital marketing tool, it still takes time to see results6 You don’t want to waste your time with an agency that can’t do what you need. 

FAQs about finding a PPC Company

What should I look for in a PPC company?

A good PPC company should have transparency, regular reporting, a proven track record, and inside knowledge of your industry and the platforms you want to work with.

How do I know if a PPC company is the right fit for my business?

Solid client references, goal alignment, the company’s proven track record, their ability to create tailored strategies unique to your needs, and a pricing model that matches your expectations are a great sign a PPC company is right for you.

What are the potential risks when choosing a PPC company?

Being tied to a lengthy contract, not achieving your expected performance, loss of control over budget, poor communication, lack of transparency, and unrealistic promises are all risks when choosing a PPC company, so ask questions and make sure you are happy with the answers.

Selecting the right PPC company is a crucial step in achieving your online advertising goals. If you’re looking for a London-based PPC agency that puts your business first, put DemandMore to the test today – we look forward to hearing from you.