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Hire an Adwords company or in-house, which is best?

Written by Wes Parker

Posted on: September 26, 2023

Digital marketing is a cornerstone of the modern advertising environment, with upwards of three-quarters of brands 1 suggesting that PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a massive driver of business. You want an advertising solution that drives ROI, boosts conversions, and ensures that every dollar spent is seeing a return. Today the DemandMore team will be unpacking the things to consider when deciding whether to hire an Adwords company or choose in-house marketing.

Should I Hire In-House or Use an Adwords Company?

There’s no cookie-cutter answer. In-house marketing can work well for businesses with the size and budget to attract talent, equip them, and keep them fresh. There is the risk of losing your key staff members, however, it is tough to scale and can divide focus, which impacts staff performance 2 You may pay higher costs for less expertise/experience. Generally, only larger enterprises have the staff numbers and budget to build an effective in-house Adwords team.

The primary benefit of an Adwords company is their niche expertise and focus. You can scale solutions quickly, access diversified expertise and top-end tools, and their skill set stays fresh. They’re an agile solution. They can be more cost-effective for smaller businesses 3 right through to medium and even large companies.

Pros and Cons of In-House vs Adword Companies: The Quick Overview

Short on time? Here’s what you should know:

Adword Companies:

  • PPC-focused expertise/experience
  • Fixed monthly pricing (could be lower than salaries/provide tax deductions)
  • No need to rely on a single person or specific staff members
  • Easy to change partners
  • Focus on ad goals
  • Incentivised to stay competitive 
  • Immediately deployable/quick onboarding
  • Easy to scale
  • Outside perspectives

Of course, it’s not all positive. Adwords agencies will lack the intimate familiarity with your business that your staff have. They will not be as immediately available, and they may not be as cost-effective, depending on the size of your business.


  • Opportunity to grow internal talent
  • May be cheaper, depending on company size
  • Easier to reach and integrate 
  • More control
  • Focused only on your marketing and industry

On the downside, you’ll have the cost of employing and training staff with no guarantee of loyalty. You also get what you pay for, and top talent may not be affordable for your business. Scaling is more difficult and the resources at the team’s disposal are limited by your budget. There is also no fresh perspective outside of your company.

Deciding Between In-House Advertising and an Adwords Company

So, how do you know when to opt for a skilled Adwords partner and when you would be better off keeping your online marketing efforts in-house? Here are some key considerations:

  1. Expertise

Effective Adwords advertising relies on expertise. There are over 4 billion internet users 4 You need the skills and understanding of how to focus your advertising on the ones who matter. Adwords companies’ core expertise is in the PPC space. They help you create better-focused, higher-yielding campaigns without a steep learning curve. They’re familiar with campaigns that sell, and have the time and incentive to stay on top of tech shifts. They bring you always-on management of your ads and data.

Can this be replicated in-house? Yes, if the business is large enough to justify the salaries and staffing to bring similar expertise on board. 

  1. Cost

Agency pricing is a predictable monthly expense. In-house talent requires not just a salary, but accompanying benefits and labour protections. The average salary of a PPC specialist in the US is currently $60,000+ 5 The more cost-effective option depends on your business.

What about training an employee? Also viable, but do you have the budget/time to weather rookie mistakes? And when they’re trained will they stay?

Is one individual (or a small department) enough to handle your volume and needs? An Adwords company is filled with experts. Replicating that in-house could be tricky.

  1. Focus

It’s common to wear many hats in business, especially in smaller companies6 Adwords companies have one focus– ensuring your PPC campaigns are seamless. A staff member with 3 other job roles can’t do the same.

  1. Communication

Here, in-house wins. To change direction in a campaign or get an update, in-house communicationis direct and instantaneous. While a great Adwords partner should have an open, effective chain of communication, they are still an independent expert with their own hours and structure.

  1. Ease of Transition

What happens if you don’t like your current Adwords partner? You end the contract and find a better agency. Offboarding staff is a thornier task 7, and a bad player has more scope to take advantage.

  1. Competitiveness

Can in-house staff members stay fully up-to-date and engaged with the rapid shifts in the advertising space? They have the benefit of in-depth knowledge of your industry (hopefully 8, but can they deliver on the advertising side? Adwords companies have the incentive to stay on the cutting edge of developments.


How do I decide between an AdWords company or in-house? 

Key factors should be your budget and resources, how much control you want, and whether you can fund /develop agile in-house expertise to the same degree as an agency.

What makes a good Adwords company?

A track record of results, solid industry experience, transparent reporting, great communication, and an interest in learning to work with you, NOT cookie-cutter solutions.

Do Adword companies do other things?

Some will offer full-suite digital marketing, from SEO to social campaigns and web design. 

Can I switch between In-House and an Adwords company?

Of course! But remember to give your chosen approach time to pay off for you instead of oscillating without direction.

For many businesses, using an Adwords company to further their PPC goals makes more sense than trying to build an in-house PPC marketing department themselves. However, larger enterprises may benefit from the investment in in-house talent and the more intimate working environment it creates. Consider factors like size, cost, and your industry, when making your final decision.

Not sure how to start meeting your Adwords and PPC goals? The expert DemandMore team is always on hand to help, so get in touch today.