Driving Performance Once The Cookie’s Crumbled. Bridging The Gap With Conversions API.

Written by Wes Parker

Posted on: April 17, 2023

Conversions API, CAPI, Serverside Tracking … we’re sure you’ve heard of it by now, but do you know what it really means and the importance it holds in transforming your marketing performance? 

So what exactly is CAPI? 

The Meta conversions API works by sending events back from the server as opposed to the browser allowing you to operate in a cookieless environment. 

The server stores and sends back an ID related to the click with the audience and creative data back to Meta as opposed to the event being sent from the browser. 

Please see the diagram below. 

Okay, so why is that important to me? 

As we mentioned, CAPI allows you to operate in a cookieless environment. With Safari and Firefox already abandoning 3rd party cookies, and Chrome to follow in 2024, the Meta Pixel alone will be redundant! 

You may have already noticed that metrics are being modeled following the ios.14 update resulting in less accurate data, and in a cookieless world, the accuracy of your data will continue to deteriorate. 

By cutting out the web browser, we allow Meta to accurately track conversion data, resulting in more precise learnings and therefore better results and algorithm-led decisions. This will lead to lower costs and improved attribution. 

Lower costs and improved performance! Where’s the proof? 

Nuud – The case study showed a 23% increase in attributed conversions – 19% lower cost per purchase compared to the Meta pixel alone. Click here to read. 

Ray Bann – This case study shows a 10% increase in online purchases and a 7% decrease in cost compared to Meta pixel alone. 36% improvement in reach and a 19% decrease in CPM costs. Click here to read.

Sounds great! How do I set up CAPI? 

There are many direct integrations available within Meta, making it easy to connect up your ad account with a partner platform. Here are some examples: 


There are direct integrations for ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Wix, Salesforce, BigCommerce – to name a few. 

Lead Generation

There are also direct integrations for Lead Gen Platforms such as WordPress, which can be set up within your events manager. 

If there isn’t a direct integration such as Shopify/Wordpress for example you will require developer input. If you need an extra hand, or don’t know where to start with CAPI implementation, we can help! Get in touch with us for a quote.