Varnish Software

Improving Lead Quality

The Challenge

Varnish Software the global leader in website caching software, approached us in August 2020 with a brief to revitalise their search campaigns.

They offer a B2B solution to help businesses improve their website speed via caching and hosting solutions. They were struggling to find good traffic sources and were looking to generate more leads, and improve lead quality.

The Solution

We took a three-pronged approach to helping Varnish generate more leads while improving the lead quality.  Their approach to data needed improvement, so firstly we helped them with measurement, ensuring that all key conversions were being measured as well as integrating their offline data with Google Ads.

Secondly, we helped them build a clear testing roadmap to cover everything from copy to bid strategy to bid levels. Finally, we made the account more granular to improve control over the queries we were matching into and hence improve traffic quality.

What the client said

DemandMore more than doubled the number of leads and decreased the cost of them by more than half, at the same time as improving lead quality.

Miles Weaver

The results

Decrease in CPA
Increase in Leads
Increase in Lead Quality

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