Driving performance for a global phone protection brand

The Challenge

Tech21 is a global phone protection brand with a clear mission: to create the most intelligent protection on the planet.

Tech21 appointed DemandMore to handle media-buying responsibilities globally across paid search, paid social and programmatic. We were tasked with increasing sales revenue while reducing costs in its main markets of Europe, the US and Australia.

The Solution

We took a three-pronged approach to increasing efficiency within Tech21’s Google Ads accounts. Firstly, restructuring their account allowed us to increase the relevance between what users were searching for and Tech21’s ads, which drove down the cost per acquisition.

Secondly, we moved them to a CSS provider and significantly improved their product feed. Optimising product titles, ensuring each product had GTINs and MPNs. Making sure each product was in the right GPC (Google Product Category) and fixing missing attributes such as colour, material and size.

Finally, we used n-gram analysis, a strand of natural language processing, to analyse search query reports to find poor-performance search terms that we could exclude to reduce wasted spend.

On the paid social side we focused on three main areas as well,

Firstly we consolidated the audience structure, ensuring the campaigns were MECE (Mutually Exclusive, Completely Exhaustive). This allowed us to accurately measure the performance of different audiences and direct spend effectively.

We implemented a comprehensive testing strategy, using campaign level experiments to test different audiences and creatives in a data-driven manner.

Finally, we focused heavily on the creative. Working with Tech21’s creative team to brief, test and iterate on different creatives to improve performance across the account.

What the client said

DemandMore began managing our PPC account shortly before I started at Tech21 and even in that relatively short period of time, we have seen positive year on year growth, as well as a significant improvement in ROAS. Not only are the team at DemandMore easy to communicate with, but their proactive response to account and website changes has been reassuringy. Having had hesitations about working with PPC agencies previously, I have found the regular catch and the open, honest relationship we have developed very helpful and encouraging. I look forward to the continued improvements we are sure to see over the coming months.

Roan Bentley
Digital Acquisition Manager

The results

Increase in revenue YoY
Decrease in media cost YoY
Increase in ROAS YoY

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