Pure Sports Medicine

Boosting enquiries for London’s leading sports medicine chain

The Challenge

London’s physiotherapy market is competitive. Pure Sports Medicine needed a new strategy to attract clients to its seven London-based clinics. It approached DemandMore in 2018 with the brief of increasing leads while reducing the cost per enquiry.

The Solution

We took a three-pronged approach. First, we went local, using localised ad copy and localised phone numbers for each clinic. We then implemented DemandMore’s machine-learning technology to automate bidding towards a target cost per enquiry. Finally, we went granular using single-keyword ad groups to drive up Quality Score and reduce cost per enquiry.

What the client said

"DemandMore has been fantastic at managing and optimising our PPC campaigns. They are very responsive, have shown us brilliant results so far and are continually improving our conversion rates. I couldn’t recommend them more."

Emily Rogers
Marketing Manager

The results

Decrease in cost per enquiry
Increase in enquiries YoY for a 173% increase in cost
Increase in non-brand enquiries YoY for a 48% increase in cost

Our Case Studies

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