MZ Skin

Scaling a High End Luxury Brand

The Challenge

MZ Skin is a high end luxury skincare brand founded by Dr. Maryam Zamani. She founded MZ Skin because she saw a genuine need for high performance skin care rooted in medical science during her work as a facial aesthetics doctor. MZ skin appointed DemandMore in early 2020 to manage their paid search and paid social campaigns with the objectives of increasing revenue and ROAS across both the UK and US markets.

The Solution

We first restructured their paid search account into single keyword ad groups to maximise the relevancy between what users were searching for and MZ Skins ads, immediately improving performance. We secondly used n-gram scripts, a strand of natural language processing to find poor performance search terms allowing us to cut out wasted spend. Finally we implemented Google’s Smart Biding technology and tested tROAS vs tIS to identify the strategy that provided the best overall ROAS for MZ Skin.

When it came to paid social we needed a new strategy for testing and learning, so we built a content schedule, planning out our creative for the next quarter ensuring that we always had creative to rotate once we hit statistical significance. We also built a feedback loop so we could feedback performance of creatives to the creative agency. We restructured the account into prospecting and remarketing, ensuring that there were a wide range of audiences so we could capture people at every stage of the buying cycle from cold prospect to cart abandoners and previous customers. We worked with MZ to understand the LTV of their clients and used this to allow us to bid more aggressively to help acquire new clients and generate additional awareness on Facebook. Finally we analysed their audience segments to identify that users on Android devices performed considerably worse than iPhone, we then took action to pause activity on Android devices, considerably increasing the ROAS.

What the client said

Demand More have been instrumental in our scaling on paid social and paid search. I have loved their hands on approach and look forward to working together more to increase brand awareness and retarget our customers effectively in the future.

Millie Fowlkes
Ecommerce Manager

The results

Increase in revenue in the first 3 months
Decrease in media spend in the first 3 months
Increase in ROAS in the first 3 months

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