Harvey Jones

Their Best Ever Month

The Challenge

Harvey Jones design and install beautiful, bespoke, high-end kitchens, and have been delighting homeowners for the last 40 years. They had been trying to increase their lead flow but found that, whenever they increased their budget, cost per lead spiraled upwards.They appointed DemandMore in October 2020 with the task of significantly increasing lead volume while reducing their cost per lead across paid search and paid social.

The Solution

We improved performance in three main ways. Firstly, we implemented a single keyword ad group structure to ensure the best possible match between what users were searching for and Harvey Jones’ ad copy. Secondly, we went local with our targeting. We found that with their previous radius targeting approach, showrooms that were close together would overlap, resulting in searchers being shown one of the showrooms at random. We took a much more granular approach, using a tool to identify all of the postcodes within a radius of each showroom. Where there was an overlap in postcodes, the targeting was edited so that users were shown ads just for the closest showroom. Finally, we wrote 8 different pieces of messaging to help ensure we were marketing in a socially responsible way during the various tiers and lockdowns of the Covid pandemic. This allowed us to ensure that each of their 31 showrooms across the UK, in differing levels of restrictions, had ad copy explaining if they were open or offering virtual appointments. The strategy delivered our client’s best ever month in the account’s 16 year history, generating 47% more leads than their previous best back in 2012, in only our second month working on the account. We generated so many leads, in fact, that they ran out of brochures!

What the client said

The team hit the ground running, and we began to see a positive impact on performance from the first month. Most importantly, the support and collaboration from the team is first class. Andy, Ollie and Wes are professional, courteous and go above and beyond to ensure our campaigns are successful. They have improved lead flow by close to 30%, whilst reducing our CPL by 40%. They have introduced new smarter and more creative campaigns which are performing well. Unlike other agencies, the team are not smoke and mirrors. They work hard to ensure we understand what they are doing, why, and if necessary, they are more than comfortable showing us the backend into how they are executing. Superb team of experts at the very top of their game.

Shirley Whyte
Digital Marketing Consultant

The results

YoY Increase In leads
YoY decrease in cost per lead
Increase in conversion rate

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Harvey Jones
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