Funding Options

Helping Funding Options Walking Tall

The Challenge

Funding Options are fast-growing business loans brokers “helping SMBs walk tall”. They compete in some of the most competitive ads auctions against hundreds of businesses from high street banks to funded fintech start-ups.

They appointed DemandMore back in 2017 with the challenge of increasing lead volume while decreasing CPL as they had found that whenever they increased budgets their CPL spiraled out of control.

The Solution

Our approach to scaling Funding Options accounts was threefold. Firstly, we implemented single keyword ad groups to ensure maximum relevance between what users were searching for and Funding Options ad copy.

Secondly, we extensively tested their ad copy in a structured way, using n-gram analysis to see what had performed well in their current ads and then hypothesised several tests to run. We used our experiments studio technology to track when the tests had reached statistical significance so we could go in and create new tests to run.

Finally, we helped them join the dots to measure the performance of their ads activity beyond leads to see which leads converted into revenue. We did this by linking their Google Ads account to Salesforce and importing sales data back into Google. This strategy helped Funding Options walk tall among their competitors and grow their account spend threefold whilst still reducing CPL over an 18 month period.

What the client said

We’ve found DemandMore consistently knowledgeable and quick to react to our changing requirements, both of which are valuable characteristics for a fast-paced business like Funding Options. They’re affable and easy to work with whether it’s technical detail with marketers or bigger-picture concepts with C-level executives. Most importantly, they’ve helped us significantly lower our acquisition costs at a drastically increased volume

Will Pickering
Digital Acquisition Manager

The results

Increase In leads
Decrease in cost per lead
Increase in conversion rate for working capital campaigns

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