Driving Sustained YoY Growth

The Challenge

BuildSafe is an independent broker of structural warranties helping developers save up to 30% on cover. BuildSafe appointed DemandMore in 2017 to handle their paid media activity in the UK after struggling to scale their account without the cost per lead significantly increasing. They set us the goal of dominating the market and significantly increasing the lead volume while trying to maintain a low cost per lead.

The Solution

We took a three pronged approach to increasing BuildSafe’s paid media performance. Firstly we used single keyword ad groups to maximise the relevance between what users were searching for and their ad copy. Secondly we took a rigorous and structured approach to testing ad copy. We created a number of hypotheses such as testing discount based headlines such as “save 30%” compared to “save time” or “save money” related value propositions. To ensure statistical significance we used our experiments dashboard technology to monitor the tests and notify us once statistical significance had been reached. Finally we use our own bid management technology to bid towards a CPL target across time of day, day of the week, devices, locations, demographics and audiences. Our approach has driven consistent YoY growth with an average yearly increase in leads of 34%. This has resulted in BuildSafe increasing paid media investment by 169% over the last 3 years.

What the client said

We started working with DemandMore with the intention of significantly increasing our lead flow, and they’ve certainly done that, increasing our lead volume across our various projects by over 4 times over the years, with minimal impact on CPL. PPC is our primary lead source, so this has really helped us to expand our business. They’re a pleasure to work with, always timely in delivery, and work seamlessly with our marketing team.

Giles Fallan
Managing Director, London Belgravia Brokers Limited

The results

Average YoY increase in leads over 4 years
Increase in leads over 4 years
Increase in CPL while scaling the account

Our Case Studies

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