Academy Class

Driving performance with class size based bidding

The Challenge

Academy Class is a leading provider of training courses for designers and developers. It set us ambitious targets for increasing lead volume while decreasing cost per lead. We also understood that it needed three participants per class to break even, and above that was profit, so we were tasked with ensuring classes were full.

The Solution

We took a three-pronged approach to improving performance for Academy Class. Firstly, we reviewed its account and completely restructured it into a single-keyword ad group structure. Secondly, we built a custom bidding solution for Academy Class using the Google Ads API to bid based on class size, which would increase bids where the class size is fewer than three and there is a limited number of days left before the course.

Finally, we helped Academy Class better understand the value of paid media by rolling our offline tracking to measure the full customer journey, from click all the way through to purchase within its CRM. This enabled us to determine the exact revenue generated from our paid media campaigns and easily visualise this data in our regular reports.

What the client said

"DemandMore was not the only company to review our PPC account but the only one with such a detailed report. The audit itself gave us highly valuable insights we were able to implement at once. We would definitely recommend DemandMore as a paid media partner."

Giedius Morkumus
Digital Marketing Manager

The results

Decrease in cost per enquiry YoY
Increase in enquiries YoY
Increase in cost YoY

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