10 DemandMore Google Ads Scripts to Supercharge Your PPC Campaigns

Written by Wes Parker

Posted on: August 20, 2020

At DemandMore, we regularly develop Google Ads scripts to enhance the existing functionality within Google Ads. 

We create these with specific clients in mind to improve their bidding capabilities and enhance efficiency, or to give ourselves a helping hand in the day-to-day management of accounts.

Below are all our open-source scripts with a synopsis of their functionality, each with a link to an article explaining in full how to implement them. Enjoy!

Analysis & Reporting

1. Daily Quality Score Tracker

This script helps you manage the impact of your optimisations on a daily basis by tracking Quality Score. 

As you know, as Quality Score goes up, in theory your CPC should go down, but historic Quality Score is not shared within the Google Ads interface.

That means that you cannot ascertain which changes led to improvements in your Quality Score – unless you track it on a daily basis, as with the script above.

2. Advanced Keyword Analyser

Often when we audit accounts, we see that spend is being wasted on one match type that performs really badly, and short-tail keywords are spending almost all of the budget and bringing nothing in.

We also frequently see common trends in searches that don’t perform well, but no negatives have been applied to stop this because the data hasn’t been collated in a helpful way.

It’s understandable that it may not have been done if you have to do all of the analysis manually. 

Thankfully, this tool allows you to pull the effectiveness of your keywords by match type, string length and with n-gram analysis, without you having to pull multiple reports and engage in pivot table wizardry.

3. Ad Report Builder

If you’ve not always had a strict AB setup for testing ads within your account, it can be a daunting task trying to figure out what your most effective messaging has been.

That is especially true if you’ve been changing multiple elements at once – for example, two headlines.

Equally, it is hard to see where you are damaging your Quality Score and increasing your CPCs through ad copy that isn’t quite hitting the mark.

This script pulls a report for you that aggregates performance across headlines, descriptions and paths to help you create more effective ads.

4. AB Statistical Significance Ad Tester

Working in marketing means you’re always busy, so why waste time checking to see if ad copy tests have finished and deciding when the results seem reliable, when you could just be notified?

This tool handles both. It measures your ad copy tests, allowing you to set the level of statistical significance you want to use to determine success, and sends you an email once a test has reached it.

It also labels the ads to denote which is the current winner and which is the loser by which statistical significance.

5. Experiments Studio

Anything that can be labelled within Google Ads can be tracked within our Experiments Studio. 

That means you can track and store all of your ad copy, campaign and keyword tests in one place. 

Moreover, you can see which labels were running against each other in every experiment, and the key metrics you are interested in – including what statistical significance was reached for CTR and conversion rate. 

Say goodbye to having to try to remember what you were testing last month, season or year, and what the results were!

Safety Measures

6. Crowded Ad Group Flagger

Single keyword ad groups are the holy grail of Google Ads account structures. Having one keyword per ad group ensures every ad you run is tailored to the search, increasing your Quality Score and lowering your CPCs.

If you are adding new keywords manually, however, it is hard to maintain that structure, especially as the Google Ads interface is set up to encourage multiple ads per ad group. 

This tool outputs all of the ad groups that contain more than one keyword, along with a URL that takes you directly to that ad group, to allow you to clean up your account quickly and easily.

7. Advanced Budget Tracker

We check our clients’ spend every day against their budget, regardless of the size of their account. 

There is always scope for unexpected spikes in spend or ad disapprovals, which can derail your spending plans.

It is viable for us to do this because we use this script. It graphs current spend alongside projected at the current rate, as well as the trajectory to aim for to meet your budget.

8. ROAS Tracker

If you are ROAS-led, as many ecommerce brands are, it is vital to know which keywords are driving the best value for you, and how efficiently your budget is being spent. 

It is possible to pull top-line data on this from Google Ads, but much harder to interpret how, or to see trends over time. 

Enter our ROAS Tracker tool.

This produces two easy-to-interpret graphs for you. The first demonstrates the percentage of keywords over time at different ROAS levels, and the second shows the same by spend.

9. Google Ads to Trello Tool

It’s easy for tasks to fall through the cracks when you are responsible for multiple channels and/or accounts. 

Usually, if tasks do get forgotten, it’s not through neglect or lack of drive; it’s because day-to-day jobs can get overlooked for one-off projects or reactive changes driven by results.

To help prevent this, we developed a customisable script that produces a card on your Trello with a predefined checklist of tasks to be completed with due dates. 


10. Forex Rate Bidder

Finally, this one is a bit different but very powerful for the right accounts.

Many industries are affected by currency exchange rates, especially travel and tourism. We developed this script for a travel client, who saw that peaks and troughs in exchange rates impacted their traffic and conversion rates. 

This tool allows you to choose which exchange rate you are interested in, track fluctuations in that exchange rate, and change your bids accordingly.