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A day in the life of Andy Blewden, Co-founder of London-based PPC Agency DemandMore

Written by Andy Blewden

Posted on: November 10, 2023


More often than not, I work from home. Before setting up DemandMore with my business partner Wes in 2020, I had been running my own PPC consultancy for 4 years exclusively from home – before it was all the rage!

That means it’s less of a novelty for me than most people. Being used to working from home, I’m used to working by myself, so I end up getting quite a lot done.

Mondays are usually when I do my team check-in. I catch up on a few emails that have come in over the weekend, get a head start on some project work for the week ahead and sign off on the month’s payroll.

I also have my weekly call with Harvey Jones, they’re a client that I’ve worked with for a long time, and I make an effort to stay close to the account.


Today is an office day. I drop the dog at his daycare at 7 am and head into central London early. Sometimes I like to do this so I can get off the tube a few stops early and walk to the office.

One thing I’ve learned from being self-employed for so long is that it’s so important to make time for yourself and your thoughts, and going for a walk is the best way to do that for me.

I have a few individual monthly check-ins with the team in the morning. We like to give people a direct line to us as company directors so we can listen to feedback, act on it, and find out if there’s anything more that we can do to support our people so they can do their jobs better!

We have a client visiting the office for an in-person QBR in the afternoon, so I sit in on that.


I start off the day in the gym, take the dog around the local London park, and then spend my morning onboarding a new client.

This involves filling in their new supplier form, sending them our onboarding form, drafting their contract and introducing them to their account management team.

I meet up with Wes for lunch, and we settle on a marketing strategy for the next quarter.

We benchmark roughly how much we should be spending on our marketing as a percentage of our revenue, based on what our chairman Sri used to spend back when he was running his PPC Agency. 

We decided to split a lot of it between sprucing up our website and buying some new microphones, cameras and lighting for our webinars.


We received exciting news that one of our clients was acquired by a PE company a few weeks ago, so we have a meeting with their C-suite executives in the morning to run through an expanded media plan for their next financial year.

I spent the afternoon writing some content – one piece is a LinkedIn post about company culture, and recording some soundbites to promote our upcoming webinar.


Today is a mixture of admin, internal catch-ups and some work on new business.

We’ve had a new lead come through in the form of looking for a new PPC agency to handle search and social. 

They’ve given us access to their marketing accounts so we’re scouting them out and putting our findings into a presentation which we’re showing to them next week.