Part 3 Of Our eCommerce Strategies: 5 Quick Tips That You Can Implement

Written by Emmeline Constanti Crosby

Posted on: July 3, 2023

During this time of economic uncertainty, where consumers’ pockets are tightening, growing an eCommerce business can be challenging. We want to help, which is why we recently assembled a panel of experts to discuss useful PMax methods.

We talked with: (1) Johnny Bott, an Account Director at DemandMore, who has worked with leading retailers like Nike to drive their paid media performance, (2) Sri Sharma, the CEO of Increasingly, a product bundling platform, and (3) John Cave, the Managing Director of feed optimisation platform Shoptimised.  

The three specialists shared their opinions regarding 5 quick, practical tips that retailers can easily implement, the topic that this third and final blog of three will cover. 

1. Don’t cut advertising spend

Where possible, try not to cut your advertising spend. Cutting costs does not equal saving money, as it usually leads to more products unsold. It should be noted that this tip is not for all retailers. Sometimes reducing ad budgets is necessary, but this should not be seen as the ultimate solution. 

2. Optimise towards ATCs

This tip is particularly useful for retailers who have a high amount of products and/or low conversions in Google Ads. Customers can often take more time deciding whether or not to purchase with more expensive products. Choosing a primary ATC conversion action can help Google’s algorithm gather more data and optimise towards more customers that are likely to convert. 

google reviews quick tips

3. Ask customers for reviews

Asking customers to review your services can make a huge difference in the performance of your shopping ads, and is a quick and easy way to boost ad visibility.

4. Look at your landing page

Cart abandonment is something that many retailers neglect to consider. Simply looking over the customer journey on your landing page and testing different routes is a basic way to evaluate if the existing journey is driving enough growth. 

5. Try product bundling

As mentioned in the previous blogs, Google Shopping Bundling is a simple way to increase your customers’ AOV, also promoting revenue increase without the need for any discounts or sales. 

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